Parkinson’s disease diet, nutrition and lifestyle support to help you manage your symptoms

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“Her intervention…is bringing real and measurable improvements and outcomes which give us hope for the future”


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Professional Personalised Nutrition Services For Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

If you have Parkinson’s Disease, changing what you eat and drink and correcting any nutrient deficiencies could help you manage your symptoms more effectively and improve your overall health and well-being

I am a registered nutritional therapist with a Masters Degree (MSc) in nutrition (CNELM, Middlesex University, and a qualified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner and Health Coach. Melody also has a degree in Psychology from Bristol University (BSc Hons Psychology).

I have also worked in collaboration with Lucille Leader and Dr Geoffrey Leader supporting individuals with Parkinson’s disease and at the award winning London Clinic of Nutrition (, supporting clients across a range of autoimmune, digestive, hormonal and neurological conditions.

Parkinsons Disease

I work with clients with Parkinson’s Disease to help you find effective solutions through nutritional support and coaching to help with the symptoms of your Parkinson’s Disease including constipation, blood pressure management, blood sugar control, low energy, mood, weight management and more.

How Can I Help You

If you have tried to change your diet or read that it can help and reached out to other health professionals, but are still not getting anywhere it can disheartening and frustrating. Over the past 15 years, I have worked with many clients across a range of health conditions. In addition, I have a specialist knowledge of diet and nutritional support for Parkinson’s Disease and help clients with and families to support their Parkinson’s symptoms. Clients see improvements in bowel function (and stop being worried about having a normal bowel movement again), increase their energy levels, achieve a healthier weight and feel more in control of their medication and food timings.

Do you want to improve your uncomfortable symptoms and improve your energy, bowel function and support your overall health?

I take a holistic approach when working with my clients and I will help you with any additional health challenges you may have to support your overall health and your Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.
If you are looking to work with an expert who can help you figure out the best foods for you and help you improve your overall health without the guesswork or faddy diets you are in the right place.

Book your complimentary call to discuss your symptoms and how I can best help you.

Having lasting changes takes time, so I work in packages, rather than one-off sessions, to ensure you get the outcomes you seek.

We will work together to create simple, manageable changes without being restrictive, plus motivation, check-ins and ongoing support to achieve your goals. I will meet you where you are right now and encourage you to move forward one step at a time.

Signature Health Package

Embark on a health journey with our Signature Package. Over 3-6 months, experience personalized diet and nutrition coaching tailored to your needs, with ongoing support and coaching. Let’s work together, one step at a time, for your health and well-being. Discover more about how we can achieve your goals together.

Follow-up Health Package

Continue your health journey with our Follow-Up Package. It offers ongoing personalized support and nutrition coaching. Together, we’ll refine your health strategies, work on your achievements, and explore new pathways to sustain and enhance your well-being. Embrace this next step in your health evolution with me.


What My Clients Say

“Melody has enabled us to challenge the accepted idea that a Parkinsons Diagnosis means helplessly awaiting inevitable decline. Reading widely, we became very aware that the best outcomes are achieved with a healthy diet but the options and alternatives suggested can feel overwhelming.

Using a scientific approach of testing and analysis, Melody has identified crucial deficiencies and imbalances caused by the disease, which we would never have been aware of and that would have gone undetected by any of the other healthcare providers. Her intervention, in combination with an intensive programme of physiotherapy, is bringing real and measurable improvements and outcomes which give us hope for the future.”


“Soon after my diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease, I approached Melody for help. At that troubled time, she was a much-welcomed voice of calm, reassurance and authority. A year later, she’s definitely a pivotal reason why my symptoms have been relatively slow to progress.”
MC, London

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